ScalePlanets – WebGL Experiment for Planetary Comparison

ScalePlanets Screenshot V1.1
Yesterday, I published ScalePlanets, an interactive model of the Sun, planets, and moons of our solar system, all to scale.

See it here:

This is a small WebGL experiment for Chrome and Firefox, coded up last week while taking some vacation (yes, I take breaks from writing code by writing other code). Included are the Sun, eight planets, and the more significant moons in our solar system. Use the mouse to rotate and zoom, and the icons to optionally hide and re-order planets to customize your view.


Update (5/1/2013):

I have made some more updates since the first Monday release:

  • Scale by size, mass, and density
  • Added additional minor/dwarf planets (Pluto!)
  • Loads faster
  • Some mobile browser optimizations

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